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Tiger Prey is a Professional Website Design Company providing Website and Mobile Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Blog, and Social Media Services.

Website Design and Search Engine Optimization have come a long way in recent years, as technologies, programs, website languages, and search engines have become more complex. Tiger Prey prides itself on being extremely aggressive keeping up with education of new website techniques, standards, and requirements that are essential in providing our clients the highest standard of website and optimization services.

There are several essential aspects of professional website design that we must address to ensure you are provided a professional and effective website:

  1. Website Layout, Formating Structure, and CSS Implementation;
  2. Proper Website Meta Tags for Each Individual Page of Your Website;
  3. Effective Unique Website Content for Each Page of Your Website;
  4. Internal Website AND External Website Optimization;
  5. Clean and Effective Website Navigation Structure;
  6. Visual Presentation of Your Website.

Another NEW factor for ranking your website in Google, moving forward, is the inclusion of a responsive or mobile version of your website. Click Here for more information about this subject.

Of the countless web designers around the world, approximately only 5% know how to effectively integrate internal and external search engine optimization into your web site, and get your web site into the top 10 in Google.

Effective and professional Web Design & Search Engine Optimization is not an easy process. It takes research, skill, and proper application. At Tiger Prey we are so dedicated to our clients that we have adopted the the mindset and philosophy that...

"If You Are Not Our Client, We Must Consider You Our Prey"

While this may seem harsh, if we are to effectively and aggressively represent our clients, putting them in the Top 10 in Google and other search engines must be our top priority. Therefore we cannot have any sympathy for companies with Top 10 positions we need for our clients. Our only priority and concern is for those that we represent.

Contact Tiger Prey today at 419.574.2050 to discuss your website needs, including website design, revising your existing website, search engine optimization consultation, mobile websites, or any other website questions, concerns or needs.

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